Let us start with the boring stuff.


This website is about my creative passions which I would like to share with the world. These include blogging, writing,  music and educational material (in the future). So, hopefully, as you become a dedicated visitor, you should be seeing lots of things in the pipeline :) which may inspire you, besides inspiring me.

I am a double postgraduate in biological sciences from the University of delhi and National University of Singapore. Worked as a teacher for a while. I am also an ardent carnatic vocalist.I acquired my training under my respected late guru Mrs Radhakrishna in Delhi. I take classes in my free time and am  interested in developing this further.

I am a  passionate toastmaster. I have just completed my Competent Communicator award. I shall be starting on my CL and ACB soon as part of the leadership and communication tracks.

I am from India. Currently residing outside. Born and brought up in Delhi.


Reading ( of all kinds) , biology, blogging, music, philately, communication and psychology, social media, leadership and  motivational subjects, history, arts  are amongst my special passions. I hope to develop my passion for writing into a serious part of  my life at some time. I am also a strong supporter of environmental issues.  Books I like will need a whole page on its own, which should come up shortly.

A Passionate fan of all kinds of music ranging from western to indian. Almost all styles excepting for heavy rock.Music makes me live and breathe. It is what centers me.  Besides indian music, I am also learning western piano at present.

Social media is my latest love. I am a prolific tweeter. You can follow me @soulinwords on twitter. Twitter helps me to engage with other people, know what is happening outside and share my thoughts. I also love making friends online and offline. I believe Friendship is the biggest motivation and necessity for humanity. It is what will help us thrive. I do love exploring and investigating social media of different types. You can check out my about link to where you can link with me.

And now for the less boring stuff..

I have many things to tell about myself but I do not want to be a bore. Things about me are in a constant state of flux. So, what i am now is not what I would be tomorrow and never would be what I was yesterday.

I am a scorpio with an inordinate curiosity about life and human beings.

Things change. My habits change. My thoughts change. So do dreams, attitudes, interests. My tastes in food change except for chinese and tandoori, which I am passionately fond about. Change is me and I love change……..except on the job front :-).

I love dreaming, thinking, observing. Reading is my passion and my love, along with music. This has been the steady constants in my life.

Other things i am interested in is philately, botany, environmental related topics, news and current affairs, philosophy, art and craft.

Some new interests which i want to develop in the future include scrapbooking, painting,blogging and writing books ( seem downright ambitious, at the moment). Hopefully, others will also come along.

I took my current form on earth couple of decades ago as a baby girl. Life has been a roller coaster ride till now. I have learnt and still learning many things on the way..

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  1. hello marti you have looked at my poetry in the past i thought i would say hello and say theres some new pieces since you last had a view and some you might enjoy to at last count there was 4o something there you might haveto search but hope you enjoy them take care your blog looks and nice as ever keep up the good work.

  2. Hello ,I am your follower on twitter..and now read your blogs.too…I find your thoughts…worth giving a thought….Keep blogging.

  3. those sound like great interests to take up! Good luck! I am also interested in writing books, perhaps we can help each other out sometime! Other writers definitely help me keep writing. By the way I like your new site a lot, it looks great!

    • hey thanks.. i am a person drawn to differnt t hings..what is possible i will attempt.. sure, i would love to collaborate..thanks do give suggestions whenever u feel like and is relevant.. the site development and content development will take time.

  4. I feel the 16 responses so far so exciting! Your are pursuing a lot of good vocations, I hope one day you will be a master of all.

  5. Jyothi! My wonderful friend with the beautiful heart that I have known for all this time from Twitter! How small this world is when a person in Kingman, AZ speaks with me over a Vegetarian lunch in a church cafeteria and I find YOUR site through a link to a website for an email address this person had given me.

    You know I don’t believe in coincidence or accidents. Nor do I think you could ever be boring! : )
    When people are busy promoting themselves on Twitter, your voice is the one that rises above the others and says: “Someone else was hurt today. Think of them and not yourself.”

    • Hi Skye, so glad to hear from you. It is indeed an extremely small world and getting smaller by the day. It is wonderful indeed. :-) keep in touch and keep the faith!

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