An end of an era ~ Farewell to Father of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew

For me, Singapore and the late LKY is synonymous with fairness, merit, racial tolerance, quality amongst many things as well as love for nature. Development was balanced with maintaining the ecological balance and this you can see in the way the city has been maintained. The more technologically the country advances, the more it never strays from the emphasis on maintaining and protecting its natural resources. From childhood onwards, Singapore was one country which I have always admired- for making the best use of what they have. They consistently demonstrate excellence in whatever they do-pride and passion; diligence and sincerity.

More importantly, Singapore under LKY demonstrated ( and I have personally experienced) that when it comes to merit, they gave equal opportunities to all. If you are talented and you have what it takes, you can thrive in Singapore. That is the spirit of excellence which has been inspired by LKY in all spheres of life in Singapore: be they education or professional systems.

Thank you, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, for your personal qualities, for making Singapore the very epitome of professionalism and merit and for creating a country which truly believes and practices racial love and tolerance; a truly, cosmopolitan, multi-racial, multi-religious and safe, a microcosm in a uncertain and disturbed world and for otherwise inspiring me in many ways.

May your successors keep the flag flying and maintain and enhance the standards for now and everĀ ?#?farewellleekuanyew?

An end of an era ~ Farewell to Father of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew
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