An unexpected Pleasure ~ Nomination for the Sunshine Award


Just came to know couple of hours about being nominated for a sunshine award. I feel really thrilled at receiving this encouragement to sustain my blogging. And that too being nominated by some one whose blog is truly a joy and an inspiration to read and to be moved by. My heartfelt thanks to Thelma Cunningham for nominating me :-). Do check out her blog for her inspiring and moving poems and thoughts.
And this is the lovely award:

And as per the rules for the award..

1. Need to include the award’s logo in a post or on the blog
2. Answer 10 questions about yourself
3. Nominate 10-12 other awesome bloggers
4.  Link your nominees to this post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated :-)
5. Link the person who nominated you.

10 questions about myself ..

1. what is my zodiac sign? I am a scorpio.
2. what is my favorite food? Love noodles and p izzas
3. My favorite book ? Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
4. What is my favorite color? red
5. What is my favorite movie? You got Mail.
6. Which place would I love to go for vacation? Greece/Italy
7. Which is my favorite inspirational read? Kahlil Gibran and Rumi
8. Why do I blog? To share my thoughts, feelings, to just give space to my voice in this world,..
9. What do I love doing best? Reading, singing and thinking
10. One thing which I would like to improve in myself: Impatience

The next step is to nominate 10-12 awesome 


And My nominees for this award are:

1. Marsha Berry (




5. Amanda ( Alive all along)

6. up close in my world

7. coffee | served daily

8.  Annabelle Mintz Beautiful Geometry

9.  Woundedbird2010′s blog

10. Known is a drop, Unknown is an ocean

I may add one or two more soon. Let me see.. In the meantime, Please do enjoy these wonderful people’s blog and thoughts..


An unexpected Pleasure ~ Nomination for the Sunshine Award
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12 responses

  1. Hiiiiiiii
    Self Blessed . . !
    Salutation . . . . !!
    and to tell you ….. No Big Deal, You Deserved it and You Get It. … :-)
    ——– ———– ———– ———– ————— ————
    An unexpected Pleasure ~ Nothing can compare as much . . .
    Pleasures of an ordinary life ~ Pleasure for pleasure .
    Pleasure for pleasure knows No Jealousy

    Young fantasies of magic and of mystery,
    Life’s joy and incense: recollection of hours,
    When found You captured as You wanted.

    Peaceful and Glorious Lovely and Fair,
    Day must not end with Goodbyes and Thanks,
    Friends they are what holding you together along the way,

    How would you let them go,
    No to next time, Time is Today and Now,
    For a party for the Pleasure for the Unexpected Happiness. .

  2. Congratulation Jyathi.. You are wonderful. Reading your blogs is one of my favourite pastime.I enjoy your tweets as well and appreciate your thoughts. Wish all success!

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