Cyber cafes- A trip back in time.

After years, went to a cyber cafe to take some printouts. It was like travelling back to a different era in time. A different softer, more romantic time when digital had not yet touched the world in entirety and made it a slave.

The cubicles with individual desktops. The computer screens . heavy and with windows xp or rather windows 7 peeping out. The small, tight narrow spaces which barely fits a person’s body, with a little chair. With barely enough space to sit, breathe and surf the internet. The small opening which leaves you not much privacy. The musty, smell. Eight cubicles to a room. Eight souls tightly enclosed in spaces; communing with the computer and the virtual world.

It remains the same. But now it looks faded and worn out. An anachronism in today’s times. Today we take computers and internet for granted. We are so used to internet on our phones, and devices. Social networking and social media are part of daily life.

Twenty years before it was so different. Those were the age of cyber cafes. Many a story was etched there.  Many a love story or hate story may or may not have happened in cyber cafes. Social networking was in its infancy. Internet explorer and netscape were popular. Chat was in. ICQ was hot. Six degrees was a happening social site..maybe the precursor to today’s social networking sites. You needed to pay 30 rupees or so for one hour to surf the net. It was exciting to even be on the net for ten to fifteen times.Yes, it was incredibly romantic. Surfing the net for a few minutes was like meeting your beloved for a few minutes with great difficulty.

Today it is oh so lah-di-dah! So mechanical. Digital, digital everywhere. We are living in the world of digital. Excessively so.

If you want to capture a little bit of the romance,  do just exorcise your hesitations and just walk into one of those slowly disappearing cyber cafes; before they become extinct.




Cyber cafes- A trip back in time.
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  1. Cyber Cafes are still relatively prevalent. If you do want to see something that is virtually extinct then try finding an STD! Many of them have become travel agencies, Cyber Cafes, or small shops.

    • I agree with that :) STD counters are virtually extinct. Yet, I am afraid that I will see a day when cyber cafes will disappear taking their charm with them.

  2. And then wait at the cash counter with bated breath while the cyber cafe owner pronounce his verdict that you have actually exceeded 1 hour.

    It was a wonderful read!

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