Nurture ourselves, before we nurture others

I was reminded about the very important part that nurturing plays in all of life, by a post by a lovely and amazing friend @Bhavana Nissima on Facebook.  She wrote it as a part of the #1000speak effort to spread love worldwide and the theme for April is nurturing. She asked me to give my thoughts and I thought, why not?

What does nurturing mean? How important it is?

To nurture, in my eyes, means to care, to help develop and grow; to let a little plant grow into a big tree or (tall and slim tree, depending on how you visualise it to be, it is okay to be strong or flexible).

Nurturing, in my eyes, is about holding a little seed in the palm of your hand, protecting it and saving it from being lost, planting it and providing the right conditions to grow. Of course, what are the right conditions? That only the seed knows- it contains the information necessary for it to grow along its way. What we do is to allow it to do so. That is what is nurturing, in my eyes. That secret of the seed is for itself, to be brought out, uncovered and exposed in its own time, at its own pace through its own secret ways. None of us can force the seed to be what it is not, nor to force it along a way. You will kill the seed. All you need to do is to act the guide, the helper. The rest is unto the seed.

Nurture does not mean to suffocate, to restrict, to control, to dominate, to own, to possess- it means to love someone enough to let them grow freely, yet be there as a candle to light their way, in case it gets dark!

When we talk about nurture, we should keep in mind that we start with ourselves first. Before we give to others, we give to us first. We cannot give from an empty heart. We need to keep ourselves brimming with joy and love; this is what so many of us nurturers, caregivers, lovers, carers, forget. We forget ourselves in the arduous task of caring. We need to nurture ourselves with healthy self-love, before we give that love away.

So, love yourself, nurture yourself and see yourself nurturing and loving someone else. It spreads.

When we lack nurture or we fail to give nurture to others, we are depriving ourselves and others of this soul growing necessity. We dry up and then we wonder why the world is dry.

One thing I feel we all forget is that, the biggest nurturer is mother nature. Even if you feel alone and adrift from humankind, and do not feel loved by them, do turn to nature’s arms- you will certainly find the highest level of acceptance, highest level of nurture, uncomplaining and welcoming.

So nurture ourselves, nurture others

let us play and be happy

let us play and be happy

nurture our environment, nurture our earth because it is that which is our ultimate nurturer.



Nurture ourselves, before we nurture others
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  1. Each para seems to have a gem thought. The seed can be nurtured to be what it is. Yes, so true. That we forget ourselves in the act of nurturing–yes, yes. And this last piece–on Mother Nature as a nurturer. It moves me so.

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