a fantasy of many,

would be sacrificed in the fires of nuptial rites.

While people admire and rave at the beauty of the bride,

her groom will take her apart.

The veils would be ripped apart.

The heavy sensitive kohl lined eyes would soon lay closed in wonderful fear as she is gripped by a force beyond her power.

Her innocent childhood to be gone.

A strange world begins, anew. A world of take and give.

The innocent look will soon be replaced by a different one. consumed by the lust and anger of man.

Her fragility to be torn to shreds.
Wherein, she?

The last vestige of maidenly charm would be ravaged.
Does she have any idea or she is blessedly ignorant about her fate?

Did she pray for this?  or was she granted this?

I wonder. I doubt.

Did she? Could she? Would she?

And the world laughs blindly, while behind the shadows of the veil, a soul undergoes torments.

A smile appears at the end of it all

A  triumphant smile on the groom’s face. The smile of helpless surrender in the girl’s face.
everyone smiles.

What a beautiful couple.

And life goes on

Matrimony wins and claims another prize

And an anguished smile suffers in silent agony inside the insular smile of the body, unknown, unseen, unheard.

A bird cries in the night, unbidden.

An omen?

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  1. A well crafted writing… though appears the thoughts sometimes getting a bit fragmented….probably you got too involved with the character you planned to portrait… but then … what you have stated is actually a reality…. life is probably a manifestation of compromise unlimited… unless you become a scapegoat and surrender in meekness to the whims and fancies of Nature…. or unless you develop a different outlook that so as to relise that its not compromise but a change of orientation of ones thoughts… so as get the maximum benefit for the betterment of all…. :)

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