When exaggerated outrages blindsides us!

Boy, do we Indians love to outrage. Outrage, outrage, outrage, even at the extent of closing our minds. Case in question being, the brouhaha over the #Nirbhaya rapist’s interview, with police issuing specifications to restrict the broadcast. Why? Why have our ability to remain open to views, decreased over time? Why have our ability to confront ugliness in life reduced? Why run away, from what is essentially, in your face? The documentary was essentially just uncovering what has been so evident over years. Protecting the victim, in this situation, does not mean that the other side of the issue should not be looked at. In fact, for justice to the victim, we ought to listen to the aggressor and highlight it as nothing vindicates the victim’s fight for justice more than the complete exposure of the aggressor and his aggression and the reasons for it, nakedly and transparently. It may be shocking, disturbing and yet it is necessary to accept the filth that lies in our society and to take ownership for it; for then and ony then can we feel motivated to change.

One of the problem with concern of the honour is why people are afraid of reporting rape cases and ensuring that justice is done. This is the reason why path breaking documentaries and studies are opposed.

¬†In fact, I really feel that had we not been obsessed with the “honour of the girls” typical dumb indian mentality, we could have had lot more reporting on rape cases, lot more actions against such perpetrators and much lesses than cases. When people seak adn think fearlessly on violence/aggression/rape and do not shy away from facing it, it gives more strength to efforts for justice.

Justification against such documentaries is exactly what these kind of criminals want; as long as you focus on the honour ( so called) of the victim, naming, shaming and exposure of perpetrators would not take place; preventive measures and awareness measures would be spooked in the bud.

Such rabid hypocrisy; defending the “honour” of a victim, when it is not she who has lost the honour; it is the aggressors who have lost honour and respect for their act; whose acts need to be exposed to the world so that they can be shown to the world for what they are: monsters.

When exaggerated outrages blindsides us!
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