Why only #Nirbhaya?

While I have no doubts of the need for justice for ?#?Nirbhaya? and can understand the outcry over the tv interview but I support the right of media/researchers to interview criminals so as to make the mindsets/psychology clear and so that even the hardened amongst conservatives can be forced to make some changes in their mindsets; may induce a kind of shock awakening; I do not believe in hiding ugly and unpleasant truths which can jolt us out of our comfortable live) I cannot understand this sole focus on only the delhi gangrape victim.

Why is this kind of care and concern not shown or exhibited for the numerous children and girls who are raped and butchered, in many places, known and unknown, in India, every day of the year? I remember distinctly that heinous incidences have occured both before and after the Delhi gangrape case.

Why is it that only Nirbhaya remains in public memory ( sporadically ignited afresh in the minds, owing to media actions) whereas other victims from other places are forgotten, ignored, not commemorated and their parents’ suffering neglected?

Rape and especially child rape, rape of toddlers were very much in the news last year; many cases were from Bangalore. How come these kids and these other cases never remain in public memory? How come these stories never ignite continuous outrage and sense of loss in us?

Are we on social media, only sympathetic to what happens in our favorite metros?

Has rape since 2013, become associated solely with Nirbhaya? What is responsible for this? is it the media? Is it us and our biases?

Where, the poor and the destitutes? who will publicise and relentlessly fight for them to remain in public memory? Does the girls of other states, who are violated, deserve and get even a quarter of the sympathy which the case of Nirbhaya aroused? Are we Delhi-centric?

More importantly? Has the nirbhaya  case turned into a media creation for generating TRPs?


Why only #Nirbhaya?
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