The Magic of Reality ~ Richard Dawkins

The Magic of Reality: How We Know What's Really TrueThe Magic of Reality: How We Know What’s Really True by Richard Dawkins

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An excellent introduction to science both for children as well as Adults. From the beginning, I was captivated to see how the words have married with the images to create a definite impact and sustain the interest.
The illustrations are outstanding. without engrossing and well placed illustrations, this book and the subject it covers, would not create such effect. Visuals, placed in suitable conjunction with words, create an awesome effect. For me, it was sheer pleasure and excitement, reading each page and enjoying the illustrations. The placement is such that it creates the effect of a journey. A journey through science and its key discoveries which have had unending impact on life as we know it today.
In terms of content, the author, R.Dawkins has managed to simplify and explain various concepts in a very lucid manner. Even non science people would be able to understand the different concepts, expressed in the clearest possible manner. The choice of topics are very interesting. I really loved the chapter on the universe. The words and the images created a mesmerizing effect. This book has really helped me to fall in love with science again..
I also like the way the author admits his strengths and weaknesses while discussing the topics. forthrightness is always welcome.
The significant aspect of this book is how the author has managed to weave myths and modernity together. Starting off with myths regarding these concepts and then moving off into the science part of it. Demystifying stories and concretizing facts, I love the approach. It helps to keep the interest and also remove the cobwebs in our minds.
The author is a known critic of religion so it is not a big surprise, seeing the way he tears religious myths down :-). S

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