Musings ~ Outpourings from the self

This page is devoted to the constant outpourings of mind/heart which may/may not turn out into future posts :)

I was inspired to create this page to compile my thoughts which I elicit randomly in twitter. I dedicate this page to those friends of mine who read and encourage my musings! Do enjoy! This page contains my original thoughts. Hence, would appreciate credit. Any similarities to any one else’s are coincidental. 

words can create effects which reverberate through time. Hence, why not use words beautifully ? #musings

The best and worst of life is learnt through relationships. #musings

Violence, is violence, no matter what colours and justifications you may give to it! #musings

It is better not to think of others or let others think of you. it causes unnecessary and useless grief. #musings

Unwelcome Truth spoken out loud invites brickbats #Musings

Racism begets more racism. It is a vicious cycle. #musings

Cricket can bring out the worst in people, alongside politics and religion. #Musings

There is a problem with commercialisation. Somewhere, somehow the aesthetics and artistry get affected. #musings #arts #commercialisation

A clear mind delivers a good night’s sleep #musings #lifestyle #health

It is never too late to remember someone you care for #musings #love 

good music lulls you to sleep #musings #music 

The more you hold onto something, the more it tries to escape from you. #musings #attachment

So are our emotions so unreliable and untrustable, that they move ahead leaving us wondering? #musings

Feelings dissipate with time, until you wonder, what was it in the first place, which moved you. #musings

Be careful whom you boast about yourself to. #musings

Striking paydirt. Yippie. The progress to discovery is persistence. #Musings

Sometimes distance is necessary to keep things in perspective. #musings

Dont keep impossible standards n burn out, create measurable standards and work towards keeping them. Then raise the bar. #musings

While it is difficult to achieve heights of perfection as far as integrity is concerned, strive to make efforts in that direction #musings

Integrity means standing up to temptations of any kind. #musings

Before you lead others, you need to learn to lead yourself  #leadership #musings

Personal integrity will save you many sleepless nights. #musings

The biggest enemy in our path to fulfillment is ourselves #musings.

step by step, make changes. do not get afraid of illusionary obstacles. #motivation #progress #Musings

Well revenge may have its downside on you , but is it wrong to wish that justice may be served? or just let bygones be bygones? #musings

Revenge sucks out all the humanity in you, till you turn into an empty shell. #musings

What is the point of it all? I wonder. #musings

cliche statements. Un-cliche life!   #Musings

If we take outrage over the statements of dimwits, then are not we the bigger ones? #musings

Life comes in the form of plateaus, crests, troughs and ravines #musings

how long can parents wreak havoc on their children’s  lives in the name of outmoded beliefs?  #musings

Blind ideology blinds a man to sense and rational thinking. #musings

Outrages will come, Outrages will go but freedom of expression will stay #musings

You may find a grain of truth even in the most outrageous thoughts and views. Pay  attention before judging outright. #musings

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