Marvels of Malaysia- Cameron Highlands I




Cameron Highlands ~ Truly a heaven on earth

My latest trip was to Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.  A veritable green paradise with cool climes.

The Verdant Landscape

Cameron Highlands is one of Malaysia’s famous hill stations.  It is situated in the state of Pahang, towards the northern tip and around 200  km from Kuala lumpur. Temp varies between 25 degrees and 0.9.  It is named after William Cameron, A British Officer, who was responsible for mapping out the area in 1885 ( via wikipedia |

Travelling time

From Singapore, it takes nearly 10 hours by bus with stoppages at 3 hr intervals for rest breaks/food. Travelling in Malaysia is a dream owing to the extensive, well kept highways..and so by bus, provides a relaxing way to travel. Plus, on the side, you can have rich views of the Malaysian countryside. This time I travelled in Konsortium. Buses were comfortable, and luxurious. U even have inbuilt entertainment system, movies n all, per seat to enjoy during the whole ride. Though there were considerable delays both onward and return journeys.

Accommodation: There is accomodation to suit your budgets. You have good quality resorts as well as low priced hotels and  lodges. There is food of all types. Indians will be happy as there are many which serve indian food, unlike other Malaysian places I have visited.

The tastiest coffee and roti canai (roti prata) was had at a little stall just in Brinchang opposite the major inns, run by an old aunty and uncle. I feel a sense of connection with the people I meet and talk, on my explorations, I wonder about their life.

What was the most remarkable feeling I got on reaching Cameron Highlands? It felt like home immediately. I was lost and in love with the place.. I can’t describe my feelings. Nature, the mountains, the simple life, the town, and oh yes, the strawberries everywhere.. Nature has blessed Malaysia, Truly Asia, in its glory. Cameron highlands really exemplifies in every way.

Where I stayed :

Strawberry Resort Hotel, A wonderful resort,  built on the lines of old colonial houses.

There was complete silence and serenity through out the resort. More than a resort, it represented to me oasis to shut out the world..a meditative interlude.. absolutely stunning in its locale, in its structure and in its rooms…oh the rooms were lovely, designed in a zen fashion and absolutely relaxing..

It is high up in the hills, outside Brinchang, which is the central town of Cameron Highlands. And the lush gardens and greenery have to be seen to believed. The first day , it rained and the mist enveloped the whole place creating a beautiful, mesmerising effect..

What I really loved is the absolute silence throughout the resort..there are very limited indoor activities, naturally owing to the fact that Cameron HIghlands is for the outdoor and nature loving.

The first evening, I went for a Jungle Trek Expedition.. But owing to night and rain and no lights except torch lights being used, could not take any photos. It was a truly memorable experience. Trekking on a hill at night..with a river flowing under you..scary but very memorable..and leading to a waterfall ..which feels awesome to experience at night. I was scared but also excited. A little dangerous also as it is an unroped pathway.  On the return, walked by a malayan village and then took the  van back to the hotel. Almost three hours. It was unforgettable.

Next day, morning went for a Nature Discovery Tour. Here, the lushness of Cameron Highlands was revealed in its splendours. We started off with a car trip to the highest point in C.H. Gunung Brinchang ( 2571 m) There is an aerial tower from where you can get splendid views of the CH, Perak, Pahang, Ipoh, etc. The weather was dazzling so the views were awesome.

View from the Aerial tower at Gunung Brinchang

Then from there went for the Mossy Forest Tour. A true experience of the Malayan Rainforest and the wonderous richness of mosses and ferns which is abounding in this forest.

Mossy Forest

After this went on to tea plantation estate and tea factory. That was very educational indeed. More to follow..


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