Marvels of Malaysia -I Cameron Highlands II

Day 2  continued:

Tea Estate tour:

After Spending around one hour at the Mossy Forest , we went on to one of the major tea plantation estates and tea factory. This was the Sungei Palas tea estate which produces the famous Boh Tea of Malaysia.The Boh estate is owned by a Scottish family. We went for an introductory tour of how tea is made (could see it happening), then tea museum , tea shoppe and then, naturally, to have a cuppa tea. The exquisite beauty is really breathtaking. I was trying to imagine the life of a tea picker. A life of hardship but in exquisite beauty and peace, far away from the madding crowds.

Boh Tea Estate ~Tea Factory

Trays with tea powder

Agro-Farm Tour:

 In the afternoon, set out for agro-farm tour. Cameron Highlands’ s cool climes, fertile soil, and environment, provides for the growth and cultivation of variety of  agriculturally important plants. The hilly sides are used for terraced organic cultivation of cabbages, lettuces, chillies, brinjals,corn and many other vegetables. These farms are shaded with plastic sheets to control the sunlight. The difference in quality of such vegetables and that grown by normal farming methods is clearly seen. The corn grown here is famous for the length  of its cob and sweetness of the kernels. I tried it and must say, it was so juicy!!!  C.H. is also famous for flower cultivation. We saw a farm exclusively devoted to different types of chrysanthemums of a variety of colours. It was beautiful. Next, we saw watercress farms, which are again built on terraces on the hills. This is located in the Kea Valley. All these terraced farms are supplied by natural rainwater flowing down from the mountains. Next was a visit to hydroponically cultivated vegetables (salad vegetables farm) and strawberry farms. C.H. is famous for its strawberries. There are many farms here devoted to it. We went to two, one where we can pick strawberries for ourselves. We bought these tender strawberries and jam. We also visited the cactus point where you can see large number of different types of cacti. There are also bee farms (honey) but it was not on our itinerary.
The day ended with our tour guides taking us for a steamboat dinner. That was my first experience. It was kinda weird but nice eating food freshly boiled and eaten.
All these tours we went on were guided tours led by Titiwangsa Tours and Travels. I must say it was very well organised and impressive. I really enjoyed every moment. Of course, when I next visit C.H., I would love to do exploration on my own so I can enjoy these places, even better.

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