Marvels of Malaysia- Cameron Highlands III~ Glorious Sunrise

Now, I come to one of the most glorious experiences I have had, which is watching the Sun rise and shine over the glimmering green sleeping highlands. Went to this farm overlooking the lovely green plantations and mountains of C.H. around 20  min drive from the Strawberry Resort. Reached there at 630 am. pitch dark it was. we were regaled with hot tea and coffee and snacks by our tour guide, Satu. Satu, was a truly wonderful guide.

This is truly heavenly and beautiful. They say, pictures can convey the feelings expressed by a thousand words. But I say, what you see and experience with the eyes cannot be expressed to its fullest extent by either pictures or words. But having said that, one tries to be greedy enough to capture, a little bit of the experience. So , rather than wasting time on words, I will let the pictures speak for themselves… Here, goes, and enjoy the morning beauties.. See, how the colours change from pitch dark to dark blue, indigos, greys and light blues, the oranges and pinks against the sky..and how the scenery changes..with the hills showing up..It was enthralling..and the absolute quietness of the place, the serenity, teh change of mood from silence to activity..was soul enriching!

All photographs on the page (c) Jyothi Menon (good or bad )

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  1. Wonderful snaps …. Jyothi….. it was a pleasure going through the different moods during the sunrise in C.H. …… :)

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