Secrets of Singapore ~Pulau Ubin and Chek Jawa

A quiet, secluded paradise..

Incredible discovering this treasure house of Singapore.  Heard about it many times but never thought of visiting it. Now I am really glad to know that such  gems of places exist.

Truly  out of space, time and modernity, Pulau Ubin is a true paradise for folks who want to get far away from the madding crowd. It is totally Un-Singaporeanish in nature. It is amazing to see that this gem of an island has retained all the simplicity and connection with an old time, inspite of the relentless changes occuring on the mainland.

A few reasons I would from now on and always recommend P.Ubin for a quick vacation,whether it is for a day trip or an overnight stay for the busy residents:

1.easy to go to

2. No immigration hassles

3. light on expenses

4. NO Modern entertainments/distractions

5. NO big shops/even 7-11/clubs/discos/beach activities/pubs

6. A kampong feeling

7. No bright lights.

8. An air of unfettered freedom

Okay, To go to P.Ubin, there is a regular ferry service from the Changi Village Ferry Terminal, which leaves as soon as 12 passengers are available. Nominal ferry charge of 2.50d(hence i said, easy to go). Of course, one needs to get to CVFT for which one can take a bus from Tampines (29) to this place.

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The ferry is a bum boat and quite airy and in a span of barely 10 mins you reach the lovely island. I always loved travelling in ferry boats watching the rush of water next to me and the simpler ferry, the better.

Once you reach Ubin, there are  many things to do. You can choose to do a day trip, and rent cycles and go biking all over. It is a lovely place to hike with rough roads, wild vegetation and lots of scenery. What I did, was to go for an overnight stay at Celestial Ubin Beach resorts, which is a quaint, sleepy, quiet resort, with not many accomodation and not many guests, thankfully. The chalets are quite neat and clean and well kept and facing the sea side, where you can watch the high and low tides.It was entirely relaxing, refreshing. You can rent bicycles, and also do kayaking.

There is the main village where there are the bicycle rentals, and some nice seafood eateries.


The major highlight of  Ubin is the Chek Jawa reserve which is a biodiversity reserve with an excellent boardwalk system by which one can go through the natural coastal ecosystems and mangrove ecosystems.



Built, over the sea, the coastal boardwalk was absolutely wonderful, with the sea beneath and the lovely sea breeze in the faces. And though i went at the high tide, when some of the coast would be hidden, still could observe some species such as mudskipper, mud lobster, fiddler crabs, king fishers and so on.

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This is truly Singapore’s precious gem, which should be cared for and maintained, for generations like now, to catch nature at its best. In short, a nature lover ‘s and quiet seekers paradise..


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