Singapore Philatelic Museum

As mentioned in my post on #philately, SIngapore has a very lovely philatelic Museum , very well done, highly aesthetic and informative, which is a must see for fans of philately. It is located in a lovely corner of Hill Street, near Fort Canning ( junction of Coleman Street and Armenian Street, near Hill Street) in a 100 years old, Colonial styled  building.


It has two floors of exhibits.  The exhibitions ranges from what is philately, going on to how stamps are produced and printed, different kinds of stamps, history of philately in Singapore amongst other things. Just browsing amongst the relics of the past, can take you back in time to the old old days, of British colonial rule and one can try and visualise as to how life must have been during that period. As in India, philately was introduced in Singapore, thanks to the British.

I was specially fascinated by the different kinds of letter boxes used over time.



And of course some of the stamps..All were lovely but it was difficult to squeeze it all. Maybe I would need another visit to capture those.  But for now, here are some interesting collections  based on film characters and legends:

One on that blonde bombshell, Marilyn Monroe..


Yes and that is the one and only King, Elvis presley.. There are many more characters on whom stamps have beeb produced.

All ages will find it very educational and done up with a lot of creativity, lots of colours, videos and even a game room for children. There are sections on history, manufacturing, even details of how stamps are made and so on.

All in all, i would need a couple of trips to really capture the whole essence of it.. In short, a must visit for all stamp and history lovers!

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