Women : Past, Present and Future

When I thought about starting a page dedicated to women, I initially thought about restricting myself to historically important women pioneers who have contributed a lot to their field and to human progress. But then I wondered, why just highlight the achievements only, why not focus on women as a whole? Why should it be only about figures and data, why not let it be about women in perspective? This means taking into account history, sociology, feminine issues, their status in society, expectations, psychology etc?

This is not just because I am a woman ( and I am bearing the challenges of that everyday)  but historically, the role of women in world affairs and in other fields of life is still very unequal. The understanding and appreciation of women is better, though a lot is still desired.Even though, tremendous progress may have been achieved as far as women’s liberation, freedom of expression, and the right to self-determination is concerned,  the fact remains, that this is still restricted to only a few countries of the west and maybe a few in Asia. A great majority of women, especially in Asia, are still suffering from the fetters and chains of societal restrictions and even worse, total abnegation of their dignity. We need to spread awareness of this in our own way and to influence mindsets. But this cannot be done with force. Because force and compulsion works only for a short duration.

Before I decided on this page, I asked myself will I be afraid to criticise religion or other social behemoths,  for it may come to that at some time or other. I chose to say No. I also asked myself, would I dare to say things which may be offensive for some, I chose to say Yes. I asked myself, “will you express yourself, inspite of the many inhibutions which have bogged you down”? I answered, ”Difficult but Yes”.

In short, this is my humble attempt at showcasing those women, across time and space, who have been sources of inspiration for me, in some way or other. This will also be a space dedicated to discussing those issues which are so important for the emanicipation of women (including me) and to help them reach the goal of being fully free living creatures in their own right. To set them free. At the end of the day, everyone has the right to aspire and achieve  the lives they dream of. If by sharing my views, I can help myself and other women in some way to fulfill their aspirations, I would be content that it has been a work well started and continuously in progress to reach higher goals.

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  1. Jyothi….do plz correct the errata …. it should be….hope you take due care, to see it does not turn out to be another feminist male hating thread……

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